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Drones in the Industrial Sector

Aerial drone photography services for industrial sites and assets, refineries, transmission lines and wind turbines, offshore rigs, manufacturing facilities, sea and airports, civil infrastructure and more.

Site Surveying & Mapping | Industrial Photogrammetry & LIDAR | Site and Asset Inspection | Transmission Lines | Wind Turbines | Environmental Impact Assessments | Safety & Security

Drones make industrial site and asset management safe, efficient, and inexpensive.

Industrial sites and assets are comprised of complex systems with chained dependencies. Failures in one area can create costly downtime and unsafe conditions across multiple components. Refineries, manufacturing facilities, ports of entry and other industrial sites are also subject to intense federal regulation, as are energy assets like transmissions lines and turbines.

Drones are now transforming site and asset inspections, delivering detailed views within hours of take off. What's more, drone inspections and related services in surveying, mapping and progression monitoring are far safer for crews than traditional methods. Using advanced technologies such as LIDAR, along with sensors and analytics, drones yield better maintenance and decision data to prevent downtime and streamline compliance - all while better protecting workers.

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