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Drones in Agriculture

Aerial Drone Photography Services for Farming, Forest and Land Stewardship, and Livestock Management

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Drone Aerial Photography Supports Precision Agriculture

In agriculture, growers must cut costs while maximizing the land’s economic production. Working around elements like weather patterns and land movement can be a major challenge, especially over hundreds or thousands of acres of land with different ecologies, assets, and environmental obstacles.

Aerial drone photography services help growers apply Precision Agriculture techniques for better crop and livestock management. Drones provide farming photography and video data, covering large land areas quickly to pinpoint where actions are needed. Drones deliver real-time feedback on soil, plant, moisture and topography to help maximize yield, avoid waste and bring more to your bottom line.

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Custom reporting makes it easy to translate the information captured by drones, and then take action based on the results.

Plant Health Monitoring

Plant stress level = 10% of field for a total of 2.31 acres. Plant stress can be caused by multiple factors such as lack of water or unbalanced nitrate levels.

Recommended actions:
Increase fertilizer levels
Increase water frequency