Revenue Sharing Program

Use your course as content for advertising

Through our Drone Yardage Book app, golfers fly a virtual drone to the spot where they plan to hit their golf shot. They then hit the yardage button and find out how far it is to various features on the hole, including front, middle and back of the green. While they wait for the yardage to come up, an ad appears over the yardage book photo which is clickable. This adspace can be used by the course, local merchants or both.

Our standard drone service package entitles the course to all ad revenue they can generate, royalty free. We also allow the course to purchase our standard $2,000 for $1250 and under that program, your golf course gets the media kit, the drone yardage book and the web plugins, and FlyGuys keeps the ad revenue generated from the drone yardage book. We also have a revenue share program where you promote app usage, and we sell the advertising and give your course a %25 cut of the revenue. Further, you can use the advertising engine to advertise your own amenities, events, and services - either as a message or a graphic, your choice, it's an easy interface. Lastly, we offer a subscription program where we maintain the ads for your course and post your media to social platforms on your behalf. Let us know how we can be of service using this new disruptive technology.

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