Become a FlyGuys Pilot

There is much more to succeeding as a drone pilot than simply flying missions. FlyGuys affiliates benefit from a suite of business services developed specifically for drone entrepreneurs.

Being a drone service provider starts with a professional website and marketing, then ends with billing and collections. In between there is TAKING THE CALL, gathering the scope, adding value to the imagery/data, delivering and archiving the clients product, being available for help desk calls, and oh yeah, you want to scale!

Our Vision

We believe in the power of a collective imagination. The industry is a new frontier, and each and every pilot has the opportunity to discover ways to deliver value. As our collective develops these products, our offering to our clients grows in tandem

As the FlyGuys fleet grows, we gain operating efficiency and buying power which means greater margins for participating pilots

Stand behind a nationwide brand without paying an expensive franchise fee, and have your own section of the FlyGuys.IO website

Pilot Certification

Don't yet have your FAA part 107 certification? Not a problem, it is not difficult to get. You simply learn the material and go to a local FAA office for a test, similar to the DMV.

We have a negotiated discount rate from the best provider in the country, click to get your 107 course materials now!

Once you get your part 107 license, then we help you start and build your own drone business!

Start your own drone business with FlyGuys. Become a nationwide brand recognized drone services provider with a professional marketing website and call center support.

By joining together and combining the skills, products, and purchasing power of a nationwide affiliation of pilots FlyGuys is able to use the concept of economies of scale in a very real way. We are able to increase capabilities, services and our knowledge base while simultaneously decreasing the costs to each individual pilot.

  • - Immediate and painless entry into the drone industry
  • - Local webpage and online presence
  • - Call Center Services
  • - Assistance with mission scopes and pricing
  • - Effective local Marketing including Google PPC
  • - Nationwide Brand Recognition
  • - In house Media Production, Delivery, and Archiving
  • - Help Desk
  • - Troubleshooting Support for Hardware & Software
  • - Fly missions in all industries
  • - Flight training and strategies for each industry
  • - Equipment and sensor rentals
  • - Repair services
  • - An ever-growing knowledge base
  • - Proprietary products to resale (See our Golf Products)

Why be a Drone Pilot

There are many reasons to think about becoming a drone pilot. The thrill of flying a drone and getting paid to do so is definitely on the top of the list. Being able set your own work hours and schedule your mission should be high up there as well. At FlyGuys we strive to give you all the tools you need to fly drones for yourself in order to turn your dream of being a drone pilot into reality. Said simply, if you want a job flying drones (aka uav's) you've come to the right place.