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Construction Drone Products and Services

Fly Guys Construction Division uses Drones to assist construction companies in tracking progress, measuring materials and surveying the job site

Site Surveying

Measure, Plan, Overlay Your Drone Imagery Over Blue Prints
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Using a drone can vastly reduce the time spent collecting survey data. By acquiring accurate data from the sky, Fly Guys can gather thousands of data points in one short flight. Less time spent on the ground means money saved. Fly Guys provides precise elevation data, contour lines, and 3D modeling, as well as data export to engineering systems like Autodesk.

Progress Monitoring

See your project materialize before your eyes and the eyes of your team
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Daily or weekly drone flights help construction firms capture progress across an entire job site. Project teams have an on-demand visual history of the latest excavation and construction progress, and can easily calculate distance, perimeter or volume.

Inventory Management

Monitor Aggregate Inventory, Lumber, 3D and 4D Models
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Instead of wasting time walking piles, coordinating with third party surveyors, or paying thousands of dollars for a manned aerial flyover, Fly Guys can survey a large site in minutes and have pile measurements that same day. Accurate measurements of inventory ensure that you never have to write down thousands of dollars in losses, or reconcile end of quarter discrepancies. Fly Guys allows you to export volume, density, and mass measurements into Excel, or generate an inventory report for your project manager highlighting each piles volume.

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